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Apr 26, 2014 4:30pm PDT
on the planet. and a new exhibit of art, banned by nazi germany. >> to actually see the art that was deemed as un-german is fascinating. >> rose: we have those stories and more on what happened and what might happen. >> there's a saying around here: you stand behind what you say. around here, we don't make excuses, we make commitments. and when you can't live up to them, you own up and make it right. some people think the kind of accountability that thrives on so many streets in this country has gone missing in the places where it's needed most. but i know you'll still find it, when you know where to look. captioning sponsored by rose communications >> rose: and so you began how? >> it's a very subjective process. >> rose: is it luck at all or something else? >> we're going to do this. >> rose: what's the object lesson here? >> they need to be called out for it. >> rose: tell me the significance of the moment. >> rose: president obama left washington on a post poped trip to asia. and for the first time in decades, an american won the boston marathon. here are thesitis and sounds of the past
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)